Attorneys and Paralegal staff are often troubled by medical charts and having to organize, summarize and review them. Processing medical records in-house presents its own sets of problems impacting the efficient use of staff resources. Not to forget the leviathan of paper that needs to be managed as well as the scanning of electronic delivery and storage. Lex Process can provide a viable option with the aim of reducing turnaround time, overhead, costs and increasing revenues. Our team of Medical Professionals include physicians and experienced attorneys who help reduce, organize and review digital files in order to produce Medical Chronologies and Timelines, Demand Letters and Medical Malpractice Review. Lex Process employs a team of physicians to handle specific litigations related to medical malpractice, nursing home, motor vehicle claims, and premises liability among others to provide excellent quality on an unfailing basis with rapid turnaround times. We are an ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant organization and our employees receive HIPAA training with ongoing education.