What are Deposition Summaries?


Deposition summaries are one of the most powerful litigation tools; however, they are often an afterthought, leading to the litigation team spending needless hours searching for important testimony and documents. Deposition summaries are the backbone for a successful motion practice, in preparing for upcoming depositions and direct and cross examinations of witnesses at trial. Deposition summaries are integral to the entire litigation process, from discovery to motion practice and at trial.

According to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 32, Court Comment stated in effect that reading discovery transcripts can be tedious for the jury and reduces the comprehension level and attention span of the jurors. Summarizing is an effective means of informing the jury in an understandable and abbreviated structure. Therefore, the court encourages and/or requires all parties to agree upon a concise outline of the transcript. Also, Federal Rule of Evidence 1006, encourages discovery summations that cannot be examined in court expediently.

By hiring a legal outsourcing firm to handle compiling legal documentation the firm can realize savings of up to 80% percent on such tasks.

Lex Process has summarized transcripts for all types of cases and practice areas including asbestos, bankruptcy, civil rights, commercial, construction, consumer, corporate, criminal, employment, environmental, family, finance, foreclosure, insurance, intellectual property, medical malpractice, personal injury, real estate, social security, tax, trusts & estates, white collar, and workers compensation.

Lex Process offers accurate, concise, reliable and usable deposition summaries prepared by experienced litigation paralegals.These summaries are useful for easily navigating deposition transcripts and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire testimony and facts. We make sure no facts are omitted. Lex Process provides summaries multiple formats tailored to meet your individual needs.

With our highly-experienced and qualified paralegals, you can be assured that you will  always receive quality service on a timely basis from Lex Process.