Contract Management Services

Contract Drafting and Negotiation:

Contract drafting is a stage where a business can set the right tone for a successful business relationship. Deploying cookie-cutter contracts can prove to be disastrous and expose you to multiple risks. Our team is well equipped to draft and negotiate a wide variety of contracts, work on company templates to ensure that your contracts reflect the commercial understanding of the parties and is legally protected from all sides.

Contract Review:

Reviewing multiple contracts is a time consuming and cost intensive process, however our team of legal professionals can help take this off your plate so that you can focus on the core tasks and shorten the review time in the entire contract lifecycle.

Contract Abstraction & Summarization:

Rummaging through voluminous contracts to look for obligations buried in lengthy contractual clauses can be a daunting task.

With our contract abstraction and summarization services we aim to address just that by extracting key information from thousands of contracts and creating a comprehensive database giving a bird’s eye view of all your contracts, which will further help you know your rights, obligations, exposure and risks quickly and accurately.

Our Offerings

  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review and Analysis
  • Contract Abstraction and Summarizations
  • Contractual Obligations and Risk Assessment
  • Contracts Tracking and Renewals


Apart from contracts management, Lex Process also provides document review services to enterprise business entities, law firms and legal research firms. Document review by its very nature is a time consuming activity and needs an eye for detail, thus making the process expensive in nature. Lex Process provides a host of document review services such as initial review of documents for litigations, investigations, audits, etc. It also assists in document management through storage and coding services for easy retrieval.

Key Benefits

Extended Legal Arm

We have the resources to handle the increased inflow of work and can work as the extended legal arm of the organization.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiencies to help clients reduce the overall expenditure on management of contracts.

Electronic Database

Storage of contracts in electronic database which enable easy access and search capabilities.


We provide automated contract summaries which at times prove to be a game changer with regard to the cost incurred.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis of contract preformed without the need for manual searches.


Early warning on missed contracts and renewals.