Corporate Fraud, Compliance & Forensic Audit and Investigation Services

It is more important than ever for any corporate organization to have an effective compliance program to benefit the organization, if any internal issue occurs and thereby any fraud or misappropriation is detected. Corporate houses are often required to undertake internal investigations in order to uncover the facts, maintain management integrity, and fulfill their obligations to shareholders, which has made compliance and its monitoring a complex task. In such a scenario, taking preventive and corrective measures against compliance violations and corporate misconduct/fraud has become an existential issue.

We represent and advise domestic and multinationals in India and across the world in taking those preventive and corrective measures against compliance violations and corporate misconduct by cultivating innovative solutions. We assist in designing corporate compliance programs, conducting compliance audits, pre-acquisition due diligence of target for corporate compliance, treatment of whistle-blowers and co-operating witnesses, anti-corruption audits, conducting independent internal investigations of corporate misconduct.

Apart from advisory and investigative assignments described above, we also undertake defense representation in contentious matters and conduct corporate training in this area.

We ensure a tactical support to the clients to solve high stake matters related to Corruption, Financial irregularities and Corporate frauds through investigations, discoveries and reviewing their financial statements. Our team is equipped to tackle the corporate complexities and difficulties and assist our Clients in framing their risk management policies.

Our Offerings

  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review and Analysis
  • Contract Abstraction and Summarizations
  • Contractual Obligations and Risk Assessment
  • Contracts Tracking and Renewals

Apart from contracts management, Lex Process also provides document review services to enterprise business entities, law firms and legal research firms. Document review by its very nature is a time consuming activity and needs an eye for details, thus making the process expensive in nature. Lex Process provides a host of document review services such as initial review of documents for litigations, investigations, audits, etc. It also assists is document management through storage and coding services for easy retrieval.

Key Benefits

Discovery of fraudulent acts

Investigation of relevant documents

Highlighting risk elements

Hygiene check of accounts

Evaluation of financial matters

Confidentiality & Data Protection