Our Packaged Solutions

Lex Process is a HIPAA compliant, ISO certified Medico-Legal service provider. Since our inception in 2014, we are always driven with the motto to address our Customer’s needs by providing quality services at the most competitive price. Over the past 6 years in business, we have been successfully catering to the needs of Attorneys and Law Firms practicing Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice/Negligence and Mass Tort cases. At present we cater to around 90+ valued Clients across USA.

In order to add value with our services to Attorneys and Law Firms, we have come up with packaged solutions, which also now make us an End-to-End service provider in the Medico-Legal case support services arena. These packaged solutions for Medico-Legal cases are developed so that we can cater to your requirements throughout the entire cycle of a Medico-Legal case.

Paralegal Services

Our package of Paralegal Services is most suitable for Personal Injury cases such as Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall; Worker’s Compensation cases; Medical Malpractice/Negligence cases including misdiagnosis, medication errors, nursing home abuse etc.; Mass Tort cases related to Drugs & Medical Devices. The package would contain the following:

We analyze, sort and rearrange all of the received medical records in a chronological order, and provide a systematic presentation of the information, which is easy to review. Initial organization of the medical records help in identifying missing records and duplicates of already existing records. We also provide for Bates stamping of medical records. It is done to help keep the files organized. Our bates stamp options are customizable to include date and time, patient name, provider name, file number, etc.

Medical Chronology/Summary is a very important medical review service that attorneys can use when handling medical negligence, mass tort and personal injury cases. Medical chronology or a concise summary of the medical facts is very important for putting together even complicated information in an organized and useful manner.

Value Added Services related to Medical Chronology. :

  • Medical Timeline: A timeline provides a visual representation of events that helps us better understand the history, the accident/incident, injuries sustained, and the subsequent treatment received. We can use a timeline to give an overview of events, and to highlight important points in a chronological order.
  • Calendar Events: The Calendar Timeline/Events provides a visual representation of events in a particular month or the year. The treatment phase/period can be easily depicted on the Calendar Timeline.
  • Special Charts: Customized medico-legal reports are provided as an add-on service. Tailor-made/personalized reports are generated after a detailed analysis of the case. It can be a single report, diagrammatic representation or power point presentation that can aid in better understanding of the case. All the significant key points will be included in the special report for ease of understanding the case. Few examples of the Special Chart include “Pain Table”, “Wound Table” etc.

Identification of missing records is very crucial for any case analysis. There may be a key piece of evidence in the missing records. During the review process, if we believe an important section of the patient’s record is unavailable, we will notify the same, so that appropriate action may be taken to address any gaps that we find. In addition to the medical records, we will also notify regarding any other records that may be appropriate for the case that we have not yet received, such as the police report, wage loss records, and/or property damage estimates etc.

The Bookmarks facilitates easy navigation through the records and helps to find a particular record for a specific date or from a particular location. The hyperlinking is provided to the source document and the summary page for rapid assimilation during the review process.

A privilege log is a document that describes details of information withheld from production in a civil lawsuit under a claim that the information is “privileged/redacted” from disclosure due to the attorney–client privilege, work product doctrine, joint defense doctrine, or some other privilege. Redaction is the censoring or obscuring of part of a text for legal or security purposes.

Medical billing spreadsheet is a summary of the bills for individual visits. Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider.

Medical indexing involves organizing and storing information such date of visit, provider details, type of event, PDF reference, page count, comments if any, which is arranged chronologically in order to identify repeat/duplicate visits.

A demand letter is a formal notice from a lawyer demanding the person to whom the letter is addressed perform an alleged legal obligation such as rectifying some identified problem, paying a sum of money or acting on a contractual commitment.

  • Value Added Services for Demand Letter: Value-added services such as exhibits, accident diagram, etc., highlights the demand letter and increases the chance of positive response from the opposite party. Exhibits help categorize the medical documents of different visits to individual providers which can viewed on a single click. Calendar events highlights the exact progress/worsening of the patient’s condition on a particular day of the month. Accident diagram is a pictorial representation of the accident scene to better understand the positions of vehicle during the accident.

Recaps the high points of a deposition, allowing for quick reference.

Improves selection of your jury.

eDiscovery Services

Electronic discovery (E-Discovery) is a very commonly used term these days in investigations or litigations where Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is involved. We at Lex Process have experienced and skilled professionals to assist Attorneys, Law Firms and Corporate houses in dealing with cases where discovering electronically stored information plays a significant role.

Outlined below are steps involved on reviews using Electronic discovery reference Model:

Identification phase is when potentially responsive documents are identified for further analysis and review.

During preservation, data identified as potentially relevant is placed in a legal hold.

Collection is the transfer of data from a company to their legal counsel, who will determine relevance and disposition of data.

During the processing phase, native files are prepared to be loaded into a document review platform. Often, this phase also involves the extraction of text and metadata from the native files. Various data culling techniques are employed during this phase, such as deduplication and de-NISTing. Sometimes native files will be converted to a petrified, paper-like format (such as PDF or TIFF) at this stage, to allow for easier redaction and bates-labeling.

During the review phase, documents are reviewed for responsiveness to discovery requests and for privilege.

Documents are turned over to opposing counsel, based on agreed-upon specifications. Often this production is accompanied by a load file, which is used to load documents into a document review platform.

Medical Records Retrieval

Lex Process helps to achieve high medical record retrieval rates through a modern, technology-enabled call center with minimal physician abrasion. Our Medical Record Retrieval services streamline medical record retrieval, aggregation, indexing, and storage.

Outlined below are steps involved for Medical Records Retrieval. :

For this Providers can send records via fax, mail, and upload to our secure portal or FTP sites, or we can access their EMR directly.

Our Retrieval Operations Center conducts follow-up phone calls according to specific call procedures to ensure providers respond to requests.

Retrieved and indexed medical records are stored in our secure Medical Record Repository.

Our account managers have several ways of communicating with clients, including dashboards and detailed reports showing current project status.

Benefits of availing a packaged solution

Time Saving

Saves time by eliminating repeated case briefing given to different service providers

Drive Accuracy

Helps to drive accuracy, efficiency and more streamlined processes

Low Expenses

Saves operational expenses through reduction of effort hours

Faster Delivery

Lexprocess ensures quick delivery of the services to enrich client experience.

Single Point of Contact

Hassel free, single point of contact to address needs and respective solutions