Update on Monsanto Roundup Trial


Roundup, a weed control product, manufactured by Monsanto, was linked to the occurrence of cancer.  The Multi-District Litigation (MDL) was consolidated in the Northern District of California in October 2016.  The first bellwether cases were scheduled for February 26, 2019, and May 6, 2019.  The allegations were that Roundup caused cancer, specifically Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

There was a State Court case (not part of the MDL) in which in August 2018, a jury returned a $289,000.000.00 verdict.  Dwayne Johnson v. Monsanto.  Punitive damages of $250,000,000.00 were also awarded.  In October 2018 a Northern California Judge upheld the verdict that found Monsanto’s weed killer caused cancer however she reduced the verdict from $289,000,000.00 to $78,000,000.00.  The Judge also reduced the $250,000,000.00 punitive damage award to $39,000,000.00.